The Eye Of Zeus Review


Meet Phoebe Katz, a twelve-year-old foster kid from New York City who’s been bounced around the system her entire life. Things happen around Phoebe, but it’s not like they’re her fault! But when a statue of Athena comes to life, Phoebe gets the stunning news she’s the daughter of Zeus, has a twin brother named Perseus―and was sent away from ancient Greece as a baby to stop a terrible prophecy that predicted she would one day destroy Olympus.

Athena warns Phoebe to stay in hiding, but when the vengeful god Ares kidnaps her beloved social worker, Phoebe has no choice―she has to travel back to ancient Greece and rescue him! There, Phoebe and her friends Angie and Damian discover a new prophecy, one that may fix everything. The catch: Phoebe has to collect talismans from six Greek monsters, including the fang from a nine-headed hydra, a talon from the Nemean lion, and a feather from the sphinx. No problem for a girl with the power to call up lightning bolts and change the weather! But can Phoebe collect them all and stop the prophecy before she destroys Olympus?

My Review


I’d like to start off thanking Book Sparks and the author for this free ARC. This book was published April 7th and is a middle grade book.

I really like reading about Greek Mythology, and was very impressed with the age range this book has- it is a great read weather adult or not.

This book was very fast paced and there was always some kind of fighting scene going. Now for me, I wasn’t a huge fan of this, but looking at it as a book for my 8 year old daughter to read soon- I think she would love it. All the action and face pace keeps you interested and I will have to say there were some plot twists I was not expecting.

This was written very well. The author has a way of keeping the writing clean and geared toward kids but yet having it advanced enough for adults as well.

The author did a great job with all he characters and made them very likable. Even the ones that you hate, seem to find a way of redeeming themselves and making you love them. I found the main character and her two friends relationship to be absolutely adorable and it is a friendship I hope my children have.

Over all this is a great book for any age that keeps the pace going and will have you hooked from chapter 1.

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