First Came Us Review

Happy Pub Day!!!

“Make sure you don’t take anything for granted because, isn’t that what it’s all about?”

– Rachel Cullen


Jack and Ellie Miller have been happily married for eighteen years and lead a perfectly ordinary life with their three children in an idyllic Connecticut town. Jack is an economics professor at Yale and Ellie owns a thriving yoga studio. Although day-to-day life isn’t always carefree, they exist in a world where carpools, soccer games, and bedtimes are their biggest concerns. However, all good things must come to an end. The Millers’ picture-perfect life gets turned upside down when Jack gets an unwelcome visit from a ghost from his past, their sixteen-year-old daughter Sydney decides to let down her hair and trade her backpack for a six-pack, and Ellie gets shocking news that requires immediate action. Jack and Ellie can barely pull themselves away from these unexpected challenges long enough to notice that Sydney is careening downward in her own dangerous spiral; but they need to find a way to overcome their issues if they want to save their daughter and their marriage.

My Review


This was such a good book that really high lighted parenting at a whole new level for me. Also made me wonder if it’s a glimps into my future with the teen years!?

First Came Us shows the struggle of the past and keeping secrets as well as effective communication- or lack there of- and misunderstandings.

The story is told from 3 perspectives, which I felt really added depth not only to the story but to the plot as well. The Miller Family endures a lot of drama all at once, which is a bit ridiculous. But it always seem the universe keeps kicking you while your already down right? Not only that, but all the drama that happens, all at once, makes the story.

It was a very intriguing book that left me with happy feelings but it also knew how to take me on one heck of a roller coster.

Overall the book was quick, fun, easy to follow, and had great writing.

*Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC.

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