Bulletproof Review

“The more you take care of the good things in your life, the longer they stick around and the better they become.”

– Maci Bookout


When a good southern girl becomes a single teen mom, how does she hold onto her dreams?

New York Times bestselling author Maci Bookout was just a normal, slightly overachieving high school girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But then she got pregnant, and everything turned upside down. Even as she rose to fame on MTV’s hit series  Teen Mom, Maci was struggling to balance life as a single teen mom with her own hopes and dreams…all while honoring her own sense of independence. 

This is the true story of how she took charge of the unexpected to build a life for herself and her son Bentley, and managed not to go crazy in the process. Because sometimes growing up is an act of will…and Maci’s will is bulletproof.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The reader gets a glimpse of the real Maci, not just the person portrayed on the screen. With that, I found it very interesting just how different things are and how much more goes on behind the screen that viewers do not see.

Maci seems like a tough, no-nonsense, straight forward type of person. This book shows her real emotions and thoughts, and that although she is ‘bulletproof’ she does struggle and have hardships. From being a teen mom to co- parenting, relationships, fertility issues, PCOS, and just being a parent in general. A lot of these issues I knew somewhat about from watching the show. However, she get a lot more detailed and in depth with them and now I feel like I have a much better understanding of those struggles.

Being a Teen Mom myself, I understand a lot of the hardships, from ‘what am I going to tell my parents?’ to ‘What will everyone say and think?’ and dealing with people talking behind my back, and the isolation.

Oh the isolation, I was so happy to see Maci talk about the isolation of parenthood. Especially that for young mothers! A majority of my friends don’t have children and want to do things that, I as a parent, can’t do because I can’t take my kids or find a sitter. So I end up sitting at home alone with a baby/toddler.

Overall, I highly recommend this book, it opens up about how hard being a Teen Mom and parenting and all the other issues that arise with that can be.

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