99 Precent Mine Review

“I need your hands more than I’ve ever needed anything.”

– Sally Thorne


Crush (n.): a strong and often short-lived infatuation, particularly for someone beyond your reach…

Darcy Barrett has undertaken a global survey of men. She’s travelled the world, and can categorically say that no one measures up to Tom Valeska, whose only flaw is that Darcy’s twin brother Jamie saw him first and claimed him forever as his best friend. Despite Darcy’s best efforts, Tom’s off limits and loyal to her brother, 99%. That’s the problem with finding her dream man at age eight and peaking in her photography career at age twenty—ever since, she’s had to learn to settle for good enough. When Darcy and Jamie inherit a tumble-down cottage from their grandmother, they’re left with strict instructions to bring it back to its former glory and sell the property. Darcy plans to be in an aisle seat halfway across the ocean as soon as the renovations start, but before she can cut and run, she finds a familiar face on her porch: house-flipper extraordinaire Tom’s arrived, he’s bearing power tools, and he’s single for the first time in almost a decade. Suddenly Darcy’s considering sticking around to make sure her twin doesn’t ruin the cottage’s inherent magic with his penchant for grey and chrome. She’s definitely not staying because of her new business partner’s tight t-shirts, or that perfect face that’s inspiring her to pick up her camera again. Soon sparks are flying—and it’s not the faulty wiring. It turns out one percent of Tom’s heart might not be enough for Darcy anymore. This time around, she’s switching things up. She’s going to make Tom Valeska 99 percent hers.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was everything any romance lover could dream of. I usually am not one for a friends- to- lovers romance, but this book may of just changed that!

The narrator, Darcy, was a very witty, impulsive badass. I loved that about her. But she also was able to completely let down that guard around her life long best friend, Tom. The chemistry between these two had me begging for something to happen just as much as Darcy! 

Darcy also has a twin brother Jamie, and he was perceived as a complete asshole throughout the entire book. Then he shows up and everyone automatically bows down to him and loves him. It threw me for a loop, the way he talked to Darcy about Tom made me want to punch him in the face. The way these characters treated each other was horrid, no wonder they had so many insecurities!

The real reason this was not a 5 star read was because I really wasn’t a huge fan of the way it was written. I felt like it was all over the place, especially in the beginning. There was little description, and the dialog was confusing at times, the transitions were very lacking.

Overall, it had the hopeless romantic in me swooning and wanting more, it was a great story. I just felt it could have been written better.

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