About Me

Welcome to my bookish blog! I’m Shannon, and I am so excited to talk books with you!

I am a mom of three; one girl and two boys. I love to read, weather it be my own books or reading with my kids. I also enjoy family trips and just hanging out with my babies!

I started this blog because I love reading, and want to share my experience with books, and my honest reviews/ recommendations with others. I also just love talking about all things bookish!

A few facts about me:

  • I am a Christian, but don’t worry I won’t shove my view down your throat! I will probably review some Christian books. However, I will still read a book even if it doesn’t align with my views.
  • I am a student, pursuing a degree in Psychology.
  • I would love to connect and meet fellow book lovers!
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday. (Yes, I’m that crazy lady who decorates for Christmas before Thanksgiving!)

I read a lot of romance, young adult, and rom-com. However, I do also really like thrillers and psychological books as well! Honestly, I read almost anything, or at least give it a try!

I look forward to talking books! For more of my crazy day to day reading life follow my Bookstagram at @thatbook_chick

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